Managing is Like Running

Managing is Like Running

It occurred to me when I was out for a run this morning that Managing is a lot like Running. If you are not a runner, you may struggle to make the connection initially and even wonder where I am going with this thought.

But, when you think about it, managing and running both require discipline and endurance to be successful. Runners spend a lot of time thinking about their pre-run, mid-run, post-run, and unexpected challenges during the run/race. As a manager, this is similar to how I establish a plan for my projects and deliverables, thinking in terms of managing my schedule, team, progress, and results on key initiatives.

I was only one mile into my run today when negative thoughts started popping into my head suggesting that I was too tired and should cut the run short. I am sure that has never happened to you! So, another analogy occurred to me that both require managing through stress, remaining positive, and never giving up. As a friend of mine once told me, “some days are better than others”. As a manager or runner, you have to muster up the strength and confidence to work through the issues and remain positive, because you can do it! Some days and projects are like a marathon, but the finish line is always in sight if you train, pace yourself and stay focused.

As I picked up my pace on the last mile determined to beat my previous time, I realized that managing and running require a mind set. They enable you to be inspire others, overcome challenges, and attain your personal best! It’s really about discipline, endurance, building character, and what you learn along the way that counts!

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